Health Insurance Quotes

With the Start of the new year, Millions will have access to health coverage for the first time or have improved coverage because of the health care law. There are steps you can take now to ensure you have access to coverage beginning January 1.

Coverage begins on January 1 for anyone who signed up by December 24. Don't worry, if you did not sign up by then, there is still time for you to apply through  March 31,2014. But if you did sign up and your insurance card has not yet arrived your coverage may already be effective. If you need to see a doctor or get a prescription filled before you get your insurance card, call your insurer to confirm that your coverage is in fact effective. You also can ask them to help you confirm your enrollment with your doctor or pharmacy so they can bill your insurer correctly and you can get the services and prescription you need.

You can call your insurer directly. If you do not have an insurance card, you can find this number on the insurer's website. Some insurer will let you go online and print a temporary insurance card.

All consumers must pay their premium after enrolling in a plan in the Marketplace. however, each insurance company sets their own payment deadline. Some insurers may accept your first payment after your coverage has become effective and pay for care you receive after January 1,2014. Contact your insurer to find out when and how you need to make your payment and what flexibility they are able to give you.

There are four steps to be sure your enrollment and coverage are complete :

  1. Pay your premium to your health insurance plan by the due date.
  2. Carefully review your member card or other Materials your plan sends you.
  3. Review your plan's provider directory and determine who will provide your care.
  4. Contact your plan with any questions or if you don't get a member card and enrollment materials.