Corporate Insurance

Corporate insurance, as the name suggests, is an umbrella term that includes all types of insurance policies taken by various organizations. It is provided by most of the insurance companies. Some of the common policies taken are mentioned here:

Corporate Health Insurance
It aims at providing health coverage to all the employees of an organization. A part of the premium amount is paid by the employer and a part is deducted from the salary of the employee. Contribution to health insurance is a fixed component in the salary structure that is made known to the potential employee at the time of the interview process. The insurance is covered under the social security schemes of the organization.

Travel Insurance
It is usually taken by companies where employees have to travel often as a part of their business. For instance, market research firms, media companies, and travel operators. The insurance coverage takes care of the loss arising on account of baggage loss, loss of passport, an employee's medical expenses, and many more. It is a contract of indemnity where the insured company will only be indemnified for the actual loss.

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Child Insurance

Child insurance is one such option that helps you in planning and securing your child future at any time. There are a number of insurance companies offering policies to suit your child's growing needs. Child insurance is a great option because taking out a small amount of premium from your monthly or annual income will not affect your other needs, and you won't even come to know how conveniently you collected a pool of money for your child's benefit.

Some policies provide a guaranteed amount of lump sum money at the end of the policy tenure. They are commonly known as child endowment policies. Similarly, child money back policies work like an income plan where at periodic intervals guaranteed or non-guaranteed amount of money is paid to the insurance holder to help him meet various demands like admission fees, coaching classes, etc. from time-to-time. These days Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) has become popular. They are high-risk and high-return plans normally taken for a long tenure.

You can take a policy depending upon your desired policy tenure, amount of premium, and the benefits covered. As there is a cut-throat competition among all the insurance companies, you can get the best deal for your child. The health of a child is covered under medical insurance. You can contact your nearest insurance agent to get more details on child insurance.
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