Compare Insurance Quotes

Need to make a decision on which insurance you would like to purchase?

Have two quotes and you need to work out which one is better option?

Many not-for-profit organisations compare quotes by looking at the bottom line price and picking the cheap one, which does not always work when comparing 'apples and pears'. To assist you in making an informed decision between insurance quotes we have developed a series of points to check:

Compare the number of days you have been quoted for: Often insurance run their policies to one point in the year - for example an insurer may commence all policies on 1st April. If you apply for a quote on 1st May you will be quoted for 11 months, whereas if you apply on 1st March you will be quoted for 13 months. Divide the total premium by the number of days quoted, then multiply by 365 to compare annual premiums.

Check how much you have been quoted for :-  Compare the liability limits or sums insured between policies and decide which option is more appropriate.

Compare the excess on each policy:- Some policies have large excesses which bring premium down but can leave the organisation exposed in the event of more than one claim. Check the excess on each quote and calculate which one would be more appropriate for your organisation.

Check the type of cover you are being quoted for:- Different insurance provides quote different policies and provide different cover definitions. It is important to be aware of the policy definitions to ensure you obtain appropriate cover.